Adopted: Hank, a 2 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Hank, a 2 year old Male Yellow Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from

"Hank is a very special foster Lab that will need a very special family, one that will be dedicated from day 1 to Hank's training. Hank isn't just a typical mouthy Lab, Hank is a very determined Lab who likes to eat things that are dangerous for him. Hank will need constant supervision until he's trained in order to prevent him from ingesting something he shouldn't. Please make sure before you request to meet Hank that you are prepared for the work he needs changing his behavior. We strongly believe this is a situation for a professional dog trainer, and we at LVLR are ready to provide options for his training.

As for Hank's personality, he's a lovely, sweet, affectionate Lab. He rides well in the car, is comfortable in his crate, and sleeps through the night. Hank does well on leash, is house trained and good with other dogs. Hank still has the bouncy energy of a Lab, and will need suitable play time, but also settles down easily and likes to be with people. Hank simply needs a strong leader committed to working through his drive to eat objects. We believe with the right training, supervision, structure and boundaries, Hank will make an amazing companion for the right family."

Please make sure you are willing to commit to training BEFORE requesting to meet Hank.

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