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Pending Adoption: Ebony, a 2 year old Black Female Labrador

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Pending Adoption: Ebony, a 2 year old Black Female Labrador, who is looking for her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Ebony is a sweetheart of a dog who is full of energy and very lovable. She is a quick learner who learned how to use the dog door and walk on a leash without pulling. She knows the basic commands, comes when called, sits before leaving the kennel, and responds well to voice commands. We don’t know if she is good with cats because ours cat is shy around strangers, four and two legged ones. However, Ebony is adapting to living with our other two dogs. She displays some natural behavior that comes from being a stray, being in shelters, and in unknown environments. If Ebony is approached too quickly by another dog or perceives that she is in a vulnerable position, she will growl and/or posture to fight. She is not displaying any attack-mode behavior but she definitely defend herself if she feels threatened. We are working through these issues using my dogs to socialize her to more appropriate behavior. She has only been with us a few days, but with each day she becomes more and more comfortable around our dogs and home. I firmly believe that once Ebony is adopted to her forever family, and the more comfortable and secure she becomes, the less she will exhibit these types of behaviors and fully display the joyous, happy girl that she can be! If you have other dogs in your home, please be prepared with a plan to properly integrate Ebony into the pack, as this will take time, security and structure. Ebony will make a wonderful addition to a lucky family."

Ebony currently has the maximum allowed requests, please watch for updates.

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Adopted: Sheriff, a 10 month old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Sheriff, a 10 month old Male Yellow Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"At 10 months old and 55 lbs., Sheriff is as lovable as they come! He is all puppy, but is house broken and has mastered the doggie door very quickly. Whereas he really hates the crate, once he is in it, he does not fight it and he sleeps in it through the night. Of course, in true Labrador fashion, he is curious about everything and ready to play as soon as he wakes up. We're working on leash training, which he evidently has never had, but he is a quick learner and has already come a long way, in just 48 hours.

Sheriff needs a home where he can snuggle up to someone. He loves to be held, have his head and chest rubbed. He is so happy being near to you. He's definitely a hands-on kind of child. He is all about being loved!

He would probably do well in a home with another dog, but certainly not necessary. He still likes to chew (he's a puppy) so any children would need to be taught how to put a chew toy in his mouth if he goes for something he shouldn't have. . . and he's been very good about this.

Sheriff is so adorable and will make someone a truly wonderful pet/child/friend!!"

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