Adopted: Barney, a 2.5 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: Barney, a 2.5 year old Black Male Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from foster family……..

"Barney is simply an amazing boy! He's very friendly, affectionate, smart and loving. He's doing great with our existing dogs, rides well in the car, and is crate trained with little whining. Barney is happy chasing a ball, energetic and playful, and is equally happy to curl up with you. He sleeps through the night, appears to be house-trained, but definitely needs work with walking on leash. Barney is very eager to please, quick to learn, and is a little sneaky about getting on the bed with you to cuddle. He has a great curiosity and independence, but also wants to be with people. In typical Labrador fashion, Barney is quite the foodie, and willing to share your ice cubes, watermelon, hamburgers, and pretty much anything else you're willing to give him. We do not have cats, but he is quite interested in our backyard lizards. There are no children in the house, but Barney is mature enough that with proper guidance and training for both kids and Barney, he will be great. He's wonderful and adorable, and will make a fantastic companion for the right active family. Barney is a near perfect buddy dog and will make many hearts melt. "

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