Adopted: Sydney, a 1.5 year old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Sydney, a 1.5 year old Black Female Labrador, who is looking for forever home.

Here is a Bio from foster family……..

"At about a year and a half, Sydney is full grown and on the slightly smaller side for a Lab. With a few drops of white snow on her back paws and a blaze under her chest, her bushy curled-edge tail, and her strong herding instinct, she could have a bit of Border Collie in her background.

Sydney is affectionate, confident, easy-going and smart.

She's happy to meet new people, gets along with my Labs, and is equally happy playing in the garden or hanging out watching Nature shows on TV. (Apparently not a Deadwood fan, though, as she just curled up next to me and went to sleep with her head on my lap.) Sydney keeps herself occupied with toys, but is not Missy Destructo. She loves tennis balls, but hasn't quite gotten the fetch idea of bringing the ball back. She has shown no interest in shoes or other stuff on the floor. Jumped up to the kitchen counter once or twice, but responds properly to the command 'no'.

Sydney walks amazingly well on a leash, heeling perfectly on my right side, and tries to herd me if I put her on the left. She doesn't bolt when she sees other animals. Even on a long leash, she never goes to the end of it, which most young Labs do until they're trained. She rides quietly in the back seat of a car. And she knows to use the doggie door.

Sydney shows the calmness and disposition of an adult dog (not a lot of raging puppy energy to work off, no lack of attention and focus - so not alot of work for her new family) . But her best new family will give her the extra intellectual stimulation, challenges and tasks to master, as these will help her reach her amazing potential as a working member of her new pack! "

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