Pending Adoption: Moose, a 3 month old Male Chocolate Labrador

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Pending Adoption: Moose, a 3 month old Male Chocolate Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE REQUESTING TO MEET Moose: Moose will need 2-3 follow up appointments with LVLR's veterinarian. The adopting family will be responsible for arranging appointments in the given timeframe, and completing required treatment as directed by LVLR or adoption will be rescinded immediately.

"Moose is a handsome, smart, playful bundle of puppy love. While still young and learning, Moose has demonstrated he's very quick to catch on, already responding to commands such as sit, come, stay, kennel. He gets better every day with intermittent crating and sleeping. He's not 100% house-trained yet, but is doing great with routine trips outside to reinforce positive behavior. Like all puppies his age, Moose is energetic, mouthy, and needs supervision and training over the next several months. He loves to play other dogs and children. Given Moose's age, he'll need a family dedicated to continuing his training, teaching him boundaries and expectations, so he grows into the dog he is meant to be. At this age, Moose is a blank slate, ready and willing to be trained into a fantastic companion dog, with love and support from a committed family.
Families with small children should be cautious when considering Moose, as his puppy behavior (mouthy, bouncy, and playful!) will need to be monitored to ensure a safe environment."

Moose currently has the maximum allowed Meet Requests. Please watch for updates.

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